Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Postal Money Order Credit Card

Money orders are great. Unlike Paypal, as well as other online payment methods, Money Orders don't charge a percentage of your sale. Instead, they usually cost a flat fee of anywhere around fifty cents to two dollars (for large amounts). Also, you are not limited to just buying them at the post office, as convenience stores, as well as some grocery stores, do carry them. However, Money Orders do have some limitations, as you cannot send over $1,000 on a money order. Still, their are other options, such as sending a check for large payments.

If you are looking to complete a Postal Money Order Credit Card transaction, then you are in need of some ingenuity, as Postal Money Orders cannot be paid for with a Credit Card, as the USPS could loose money from those who later cancel their transaction(s) with them. So, in order to "use" a credit card to send a postal money order, you can always withdraw money at many stores (possibly the post office, but I am not sure if they will) or at an ATM. Or you can always just use good old plain cash, as that is their preferred method. I hope that you learned all you need to learn about using a Credit Card on a Postal Money Order!

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